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Stop Pointing Fingers and Accept Responsibility

I recently watched “The Facebook Obsession” on CNBC.  In it they tried to cover the good, bad and ugly of Facebook.  Facebook is used to connect friends, family, co-workers, everyone.  I do not want to talk about all the technical and privacy issues with Facebook.  My beef is with the people who want to blame Facebook for ruining their lives.  On “The Facebook Obsession” they interviewed a woman who was fired from a high school she was employed at because of a post she put on her page.  This woman got on her Facebook page to complain about work and even went so far as to call the students and parents names and how glad she would be to move on.  She thought that her status update was only going to be seen by her friends and family.  She claims she had no idea that Facebook had changed the privacy settings and that now everyone could see what she posted.  REALLY LADY!  It is not Facebook’s fault that you ignorantly decided to rant about your job on an internet site!  You don’t know how to pick up a phone to discuss private matters like that.  You have a Doctorate, you are smart enough to know that regardless of what you “think” your settings are, when you conduct business on the internet “assume” everyone can see it.  Stop blaming Facebook and accept responsibility for your own actions.  I don’t know how you didn’t know the settings changed because I had a banner at the top of my screen when they changed and I changed mine.

I have seen news reports of couples talking about Facebook ruined my marriage or is the reason I got divorced.  NO, you are the reason your marriage was almost ruined or ended.  No one told you to get on Facebook and look up old flings or behave inappropriately.  YOU did that.  No one told you to click the “add friend” button on that guy or gal you had a crush on, YOU DID THAT.  What you not gonna do is sit there and act like you took no part in it and like Facebook “tempted” you.  You went looking for trouble and it found your behind.  Period point-blank.  You didn’t think you were gonna get caught.

Facebook is a tool.  Just like any tool it depends on whose hands it’s in.  You decide what you are going to do with it.  It has no ability to control how you interact with other people.  I am so sick of adults refusing to take responsibility for their actions.  I am SICK AND TIRED of people looking for everything else to blame except themselves.  While I’m talking about people wanting to blame outside forces for their stupidity, the same goes for these knuckleheads that want to blame Four Loko for them acting irrationally and doing stupid stuff under the influence.  It is not Four Loko’s fault that you want to consume an alcoholic beverage and think that you’re not going to do anything stupid.  PLEASE!  No one forced you to drink it.  You drink at your own risk.  Anytime you use any substance it is at your own risk.  You can’t come back later and blame the alcohol company cause you went streaking, felt sick, or blacked out.  COME ON PEOPLE! Get with the program.  Know your limits or better yet stop drinking.  It is time to start looking at yourselves and your own actions and just admit that you messed up, learn from it and move on.  I guess it takes stupid people to lead by example! (Now we know) lol<–stole that from my sister-in-law.  I’M JUST SAYING, DANG!!!


Friends…who needs ’em?

So I’m talking on the phone with a long time friend and we begin discussing how as you get older and more content with being by yourself you have less tolerance for things you use to put up with when you were younger.  Toxic friends and our little pet peeves about friendships that’s what I want to share.

Years ago I got to know a lady through my children‘s football league.  In the beginning we hit it off well but the relationship gradually started to change for the worse.  My children really didn’t get along with her children and they would get irritated when I told them they were coming over.  Anytime she would call me it was always hey girl what you doing today, tomorrow, next week.  She had my days planned for me before I could plan them and she wasn’t one that understood NO.  Gradually I had to stop answering her calls until she finally left me alone.  You may say was cruel or wrong.  I say, I had to get away from her and fast.  I’m just saying.

Then there are the friends that always want you to come and see them.  They never come to your house you always have to make the trip to their home. It’s more convenient for them if you get off your butt and visit.   My biggest pet peeve are the one’s that YOU make plans to hang out with your children or one another together and at the last-minute they ALWAYS have a reason why they can’t make it BUT when THEY make the plans you better jump and do what they have planned.

I definitely hate when someone calls me and most of the conversation is filled with them talking to EVERYONE in the background.  Hey you knew you were busy when you called me, call me back when it’s not so hectic.

Now I know I’m not perfect and I try not to be the offender.  If I am please bring it to my attention so it can get fixed.  All I’m saying is please try to be the best friend you can be because if not who needs ya.  I’m just saying.