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My Valentines Gift

As you already know Valentines day is this upcoming Monday.  Today I went and got my Valentines Day present from my husband.  This is the way he prefers to shop for me.   I’m never disappointed.  When my husband came home for lunch I thanked him for my new shoes “he” got me.  ;D He didn’t ask what kind “he” got me or even want to look at them.  This evening we were preparing to leave to do our grocery shopping.  I sat at the foot of our bed to put my shoes on and he stops mid-sentence, gives me a strange look and says “when the hell did you get those Coach shoes”?  😀 I couldn’t help but laugh and take a picture of his face looking at my gift from him. Now how is he going to question my gift seeing as “he” was the one that got them for me.  lol Then he goes on to ask “how much did “I” pay for those shoes”?  I told him they were on sale.  I should mention that everything I buy is on sale. 😉 I needed a pair of black shoes to match my black Coach bag.  That made perfect sense to me so I had to get ’em.  After he heard the price, since I got them from the PX, he was alright and we went to get our groceries.  Needless to say, I now have to get him a gift of equal or greater value.  😀  Funny how I have to get both of our gifts.  Yes I’m spoiled if that’s what you’re thinking.  I know it and I don’t deny it.  I’m the only woman in my house and the men in my life adore me just as I adore them.  BTW he had to know that I was gonna get new shoes considering I just gave a trashbag full to Goodwill. 🙂

I almost got into trouble


I Think the Man in the P90x Video Wants to Kill Me

Last year everyone I knew was talking about the P90x workout program.  I knew a few people who used it and got in great shape. So, I gave in a bought it.  I figure I could stand to lose a few pounds and get into shape.  When the videos arrived I popped one in to watch it first to see what it was about and see the type of things that I’d have to do.  You would have thought I saw an exorcism on the videos because I’ve been afraid to look at or even attempt to work out to them since.  My husband works out to them and when he’s finished he’s soaking wet with sweat.  I’ve watched him and half way through some of them he has to break due to the intensity.  All I’m saying is, I don’t want to die at the hands of P90x. lmbo  Seriously, P90x is a good workout but please workout at your own pace.  You might even want to consult a physician first.  I’m just saying. 😀


For those of you that REALLY know me you know that I have a handbag fetish.   I have recently been able to purchase a few items from Coach and I am now addicted.  I’m so addicted to Coach that I stalk their page weekly for new items.  I save my favorite bags that I’ve scoped out in my phone just in case I was to come across some money to just stop in at the store.  It’s so bad I feel like Coach is my own personal store and they make stuff just for me and that the sale associates are my friends.  rotfl.  Not really.

Currently I am carrying a large leather hobo from their Kristin Collection in the silver/blue mist color. (click above photo for details on the coach site) I have fallen head over heels for this bag.  The leather is so soft and it doesn’t have that pungent leather smell. It’s large enough for the small purse that I carry in my purse.  Yes, I carry another purse in my purse for toiletries, I have four boys for Petes sake.  It has a wide shoulder strap for comfort or a detachable long strap if you want to wear it across your body, which I love to do.  To my knowledge, I think that there is a lifetime warranty on their bags although I cannot be say that with certainty.  I think they are a good company and personally I think I need to purchase some of their stock since I like them so much.  Gotta see how much it is per share.  Coach does not in any way endorse my page.  Just sharing my love. 🙂

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