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Stop Pointing Fingers and Accept Responsibility

I recently watched “The Facebook Obsession” on CNBC.  In it they tried to cover the good, bad and ugly of Facebook.  Facebook is used to connect friends, family, co-workers, everyone.  I do not want to talk about all the technical and privacy issues with Facebook.  My beef is with the people who want to blame Facebook for ruining their lives.  On “The Facebook Obsession” they interviewed a woman who was fired from a high school she was employed at because of a post she put on her page.  This woman got on her Facebook page to complain about work and even went so far as to call the students and parents names and how glad she would be to move on.  She thought that her status update was only going to be seen by her friends and family.  She claims she had no idea that Facebook had changed the privacy settings and that now everyone could see what she posted.  REALLY LADY!  It is not Facebook’s fault that you ignorantly decided to rant about your job on an internet site!  You don’t know how to pick up a phone to discuss private matters like that.  You have a Doctorate, you are smart enough to know that regardless of what you “think” your settings are, when you conduct business on the internet “assume” everyone can see it.  Stop blaming Facebook and accept responsibility for your own actions.  I don’t know how you didn’t know the settings changed because I had a banner at the top of my screen when they changed and I changed mine.

I have seen news reports of couples talking about Facebook ruined my marriage or is the reason I got divorced.  NO, you are the reason your marriage was almost ruined or ended.  No one told you to get on Facebook and look up old flings or behave inappropriately.  YOU did that.  No one told you to click the “add friend” button on that guy or gal you had a crush on, YOU DID THAT.  What you not gonna do is sit there and act like you took no part in it and like Facebook “tempted” you.  You went looking for trouble and it found your behind.  Period point-blank.  You didn’t think you were gonna get caught.

Facebook is a tool.  Just like any tool it depends on whose hands it’s in.  You decide what you are going to do with it.  It has no ability to control how you interact with other people.  I am so sick of adults refusing to take responsibility for their actions.  I am SICK AND TIRED of people looking for everything else to blame except themselves.  While I’m talking about people wanting to blame outside forces for their stupidity, the same goes for these knuckleheads that want to blame Four Loko for them acting irrationally and doing stupid stuff under the influence.  It is not Four Loko’s fault that you want to consume an alcoholic beverage and think that you’re not going to do anything stupid.  PLEASE!  No one forced you to drink it.  You drink at your own risk.  Anytime you use any substance it is at your own risk.  You can’t come back later and blame the alcohol company cause you went streaking, felt sick, or blacked out.  COME ON PEOPLE! Get with the program.  Know your limits or better yet stop drinking.  It is time to start looking at yourselves and your own actions and just admit that you messed up, learn from it and move on.  I guess it takes stupid people to lead by example! (Now we know) lol<–stole that from my sister-in-law.  I’M JUST SAYING, DANG!!!


So Fascinating

In September I purchased my second Android powered mobile phone, the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate.  I am a huge fan of the Android OS.  I like that it is fully customizable with several widgets to choose from to make your phone…you.  I don’t know what I would do without my phone.  I use it for almost everything.  There is an app for everything that I can possibly need.  Its sad that I sometimes forget I can make phone calls with it.  😀  I can update my Facebook and Twitter statuses right from my home screen without having to open the app.  My phone came with a 16GB SD card so I can put lots of music and pictures on my phone.  I have done away with my MP3 player and digital camera.  My Fascinate has a 4-inch WVGA Super AMOLED screen, large enough to view videos and my photos.  The camera is 5 mega pixils with built-in flash and the option for 720 HD video, it zooms too.  No need for a separate GPS device because with the Google Maps free app with voice navigation I pop in my destination and go.  The live wallpapers are a nice feature to entertain myself when I’m bored.   My Android powered phone has now become a part of my day-to-day life…like breathing.  It is so necessary…at least until the next best thing is released.  🙂  Just my opinion.

*Samsung and Android do not endorse my page.  Just sharing.


Click image to be directed to Skullcandy site

Skullcandy headphones are, in my opinion, a must have.  Skullcandy are appealing to the eyes.  They come in so many colors.  If I could I’d have a different pair for every outfit, but that would be crazy.  😉 Seriously, these make for great headphones because while you are enjoying your music, or whatever you’re listening to, everyone surrounding you doesn’t have to hear it too.  I have had these things on full blast and no one knew they were even on.  They have a mic on them so it’s nice when using them with your mobile phone for taking phone calls.   I keep them in my purse so if I’m waiting somewhere I pop them in my baby boy’s ears so he can play his games or listen to music without disturbing others.  I like the in ear headphones but they have them as over the ear and on the ear as well.  I’m scoping out a pair of Longhorn now.  Stop by their site and check ’em out

Skullcandy does not endorse my page.  Just sharing.

Scentsy Please

Click to be directed to the Scentsy site

So I totally have gotten into Scentsy.  I never heard of it before and then a friend up the street show me hers and I had to have one too.  According to their site Scentsy is a wickless candle that is warmed to release the fragrance.  It’s warmed by ceramic warmer.  I like the ceramic plugins as well.  There is no fire just a small light bulb that slowly heats the wax.  They have every scent that you can imagine and just one brick in one warmers provides a constant scent in my downstairs.  Although I have a different scent in my kitchen.  They even have little warmers for your baby or your sports fan.  Great gift ideas too.  These are definite must have.  Click on the photo above to be directed to their site to find a representative near you. 

Scentsy does not endorse this page.  I’m just sharing what I enjoy.


For those of you that REALLY know me you know that I have a handbag fetish.   I have recently been able to purchase a few items from Coach and I am now addicted.  I’m so addicted to Coach that I stalk their page weekly for new items.  I save my favorite bags that I’ve scoped out in my phone just in case I was to come across some money to just stop in at the store.  It’s so bad I feel like Coach is my own personal store and they make stuff just for me and that the sale associates are my friends.  rotfl.  Not really.

Currently I am carrying a large leather hobo from their Kristin Collection in the silver/blue mist color. (click above photo for details on the coach site) I have fallen head over heels for this bag.  The leather is so soft and it doesn’t have that pungent leather smell. It’s large enough for the small purse that I carry in my purse.  Yes, I carry another purse in my purse for toiletries, I have four boys for Petes sake.  It has a wide shoulder strap for comfort or a detachable long strap if you want to wear it across your body, which I love to do.  To my knowledge, I think that there is a lifetime warranty on their bags although I cannot be say that with certainty.  I think they are a good company and personally I think I need to purchase some of their stock since I like them so much.  Gotta see how much it is per share.  Coach does not in any way endorse my page.  Just sharing my love. 🙂

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