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About ME!!!

About me, well it’s ALL about me.  Just kidding.  I love to laugh and try to make others laugh.  I’m Texas bred, Texas dead.  I love life and people.  I am always giving my opinion about EVERYTHING.  I like to think that what I say is helping to improve a person’s life.  I’m very motivated and I know how to motivate others.  I’m a proud Army Wife and stay-at-home mom of four beautiful boys. 

I started this blog one weekend while my husband and boys were all playing video games and I was sitting in my bedroom, lonely.  I needed something for me, somewhere to vent out frustrations or just talk.  My mother helped me brainstorm through ideas and we came up with the blog.  I suppose the theme of my blog would be personal, as I journey through life and my day-to-day encounters.  Ideas are always running through my head so writing helps me to get them out and rest my mind.  My sister-in-law helped me pick the name for the site.  We chose tangled reality because I want to have real talk about a variety of topics that I’m passionate about and tangle ’em all up into one site.  I also wish to share products that are essential in my life. I hope that when people visit my site they laugh, think, talk and laugh some more as they interact with me. 

A little deeper…but not too deep. 🙂

I am the oldest of 4 children.  I’ve always been the child that had to learn things the “hard way”.  Always taking the I gotta try it to believe it approach.  I became pregnant with my oldest child as a teenager.  His father and I were married for a short time.  I joined the Army right after graduating from high school and was stationed in Friedberg, Germany for two years, I also met my wonderful husband there.  I worked as a government contractor for a few years after getting out of the military in 2000.  (The world didn’t go haywire as some predicted. lol)  Now I am a homemaker.  I run the household.  I’m also attending college to earn a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management.

In my spare time, like I have a lot of it,  I enjoy reading.  It doesn’t matter what I read I’ll pretty much read anything.  I love to research any and everything.  I love to watch movies, my ideal night is lounging in the living room with my family watching movies.  I do not like romance movies unless it’s a romantic comedy.  I am a big geek and I love it.  I’m a tech junky.  I have to have the newest gadgets out.  I also enjoy computers.  I have an associates in microcomputer management.  I am A+ certified, 3m Fiber Optic certified and MCP certified.  This isn’t a résumé so I won’t bore you.  That’s enough about me, LET’S GET TANGLED!


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  1. Luv the blog…will be puttin my 2 cents in 😉

    • YES!!! Please do. Girl I could use you with the video game suggestions. 🙂 With your 2 cents and my 2 cents we’ll be 4 cents closer to being millionaires. lol Hey a girl can dream. I’m glad you stopped by. Subscribe to it and recommend it to others. You know I’m open to suggestions. Thank you.

  2. Good on you! This is very good site.
    Good luck

    Every body want you to have your happiness

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  4. You have made me laugh, think,and proud to be related to you. Thank you fir this and all your blogs. They are life lessons and make me think.
    Again thank you, stay blessed in God’s glory


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