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“Church-Folk” Rant

What I’m about to write about may offend some.  If you feel offended then I may be stepping on your toes.  Some of what I’m going to talk about most can relate to.  Others may be thinking “Oh no she didn’t”, well “yes I am”.  It is not my intention to be offensive but I really have to get this off of my chest.  There are some behaviors that some “church-folk” show that really tap my nerves.  I’m not talking about all of them but I am talking about the ones that really aren’t as genuine as they try to portray.  I have gathered this information from discussions I have had with various people and my own experiences.  I’m going to attempt to rant with love. 😀

First there are the ones that if you seek counsel or advice about a problem they want to question what your walk with Christ is like.  As if because you may not pray and read your word 24/7 or attend every function you have brought the problem upon yourself.  I have found that even if you do all of that and then some, problems are inevitable.  I know a lot of people in the church that pray, tithe, read and all that and still have gone through and are going through a great deal.  So the next time someone comes to you let’s not assume they don’t have any relationship or fellowship with the Lord.

The one’s that really get me going will hear a person express their need, looking for help, guidance or just a fresh pair of eyes to look at their circumstance, and they wanna say a quick superficial prayer and send them on their merry way.  I have seen people who are hungry asking for food and instead of offering a meal or directing them to a food pantry, they want to grab hands and pray that it gets better.  They send that starving person off with a prayer, love you so and so, God Bless, and stomach pains.  You have to invest more into people’s lives and really care about people.  Where there is a need you should do your best to fill the need.  Also, when someone confides in you and asks for prayer do not take it upon yourself to gossip to someone else, like you’re seeking more counsel on their behalf, if they did not ask you to do so.

Then there are the church-folk that when they hear about someone with an issue that they perceive to be abnormal and they’ve never heard of, the first thing they say is it’s the devil.  REALLY.  Just because you’ve never heard of it or seen it before and you think it’s wrong DOES NOT mean the devil has anything to do with it.  There are so many things people blame on the devil it is insane and absurd.

I do not for the life of me understand those that clearly have a medical issue refuse to seek the necessary medical attention because they are waiting on God.  God gave these doctors the knowledge and ability to help you.  Our bodies are like a complex machine and sometimes machines malfunction.  Sometimes it’s through normal wear and tear or not really listening and taking care of your body as you should.  You can pray and ask that the Lord anoint the hands and mind of the medical professional that you see but go see one.  It reminds me of the parable I heard I’m not sure who wrote it but it goes like this:

While out to sea, a large boat became shipwrecked and there was only a single survivor. This man prayed and asked God to save his life. Soon thereafter, another boat came by and offered the man some help.

“No thanks,” he said. “I’m waiting for God to save me.”

The men on the boat shrugged their shoulders and continued. As the man became more deeply concerned, another boat came by. Again, the people aboard offered this man some help, and again he politely decline. “I’m waiting for God to save me,” he said again.

After some time, the man began to lose his faith, and soon after that he died. Upon reaching Heaven, he had a chance to speak with God briefly.

“Why did you let me die? Why didn’t you answer my prayers?”

“Dummy, I sent you two boats!” Author Unknown

Please, if you are having mental or emotional problems seek the proper help.  There is nothing wrong with getting help.  You are hurting yourself and those associated with you by being in denial.

I especially have no tolerance for those that look down on others that do not share the same belief.  We are ALL God’s children.  Just because a person does not believe what you believe does not give you the right to mistreat them and make them feel less than human.  It is wrong like racism.  Get to know and understand the background of others and if it isn’t right for you then fine don’t engage in their beliefs but don’t force yours on them and make them feel silly cause they’re not Christian.  Understanding and love will win others over before your constant berating them will.  The tone that many Christians take with “non-believers” is so harsh that this is the primary reason some refuse to even want to get to know the Lord.

Stop saying that you are “waiting on the Lord” to answer your prayer and you have not put any action to the word.  You cannot just sit in your house and expect a stranger and whatever to just fall in your lap.  I’m not saying it will not happen but it’s like winning the lottery, the odds aren’t that great.  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

Finally there are the ones that want to judge everyone in the “world” and see that people within their congregation doing things that are worse than those in the “world” and will not say a word to them.  How you gonna tell someone who is homosexual they are going to hell when your fellow church member or pastor is doing the same?  It doesn’t make sense.  I have also come across those that self appoint themselves as ministers and in church behave one way and outside of it they’re hell-raisers.

I hope that I brought my point home and that it will cause some that are guilty of this to think twice.  Your actions will win someone to Christ before what you say.



About Natasha Evans

Born and raised Texas gal. Mother of four wonderful boys. Proud Army wife. I love to engage in the world around me.

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  1. wellwateredgarden

    So, you know what? Why would you continue to have anything to do with those ‘church’ people?

    Get out of that ‘church’ and ask the Lord to show you what He would like you to do with your life and He will tell you and you will be amazed at His advice.

    Go on now! Step out and do it and you will discover who God really is.

  2. wellwateredgarden

    He who the Son sets free is free indeed!

    Remember … it’s the Lord who blesses and keeps you.

  3. I love this one…. I agree with you. Some of them folks, I just wanna punch and choke… LOL Good one.

  4. I Love this Topic! I give it an A !

  5. Sorry I was in walmart-lol, basically you are the only person of belief that I can hold a conversation with an respect your opinion without feeling like I’m being pull into a cult! We joke about each others beliefs but at the same time,we completely understand that everyone doesn’t have a open mind,an tend to avoid reality with their own comforts- meaning “if its not their problem,don’t bother them-but in turn they can tell you to pray about it cause “God” forbid they tell you the wrong thing an be judged by their peers for your faults! Its all about “Image”, worrying what their society would think about them..I always an will always have a “Fuck it attitude” I Surround myself with positive free thinking people-an trust me,I know who to ask for help/advice-an that was after a few mistakes of being mislead – but ain’t nothing like the people telling me to pray or my favorite “dat ain’t nothing but the devil”- having to come to me for help/advice, an you can bet your ass-I throw it right back at them!!! Lmao(Karmas My Belief)

  6. This is so true! I really do not think you left anything out. As Christians we have got to do better!!

    • tried to make a smiley face, obviously didn’t work. Can you give me a few lessons on how to word things as well as you? I tend to not word things as well as you, and get into trouble. I agree with you on this (for some reason, I agree with you a lot! lol) and I believe your wording was perfect.

      • Man when I was younger I was awful about giving people a piece of my mind. I quickly learned better after embarassing myself. I had a dear friend mentor me and teach me how to properly address issues. Now don’t get me wrong I still fly off the handle when it pertains to my boys. I’m still growing. lol

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