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I love to engage in healthy debate/discussions.  I enjoy viewing the world through other people’s’ eyes.  I have an open mind.  I do have my own moral set and standards that I live by but I in no way try to impose them on others.  It has always been in me to express myself and I usually have to have the last word.  Bad habit I know.  🙂 My goal with this site is to take everyday issues/topics and have grown up exchange with one another.  I know that everyone will not agree with what I say and I can agree to disagree.  When commenting I want you to be mindful and respectful of others and to keep an open mind.  Now let’s get tangled up in some discussions.


About Natasha Evans

Born and raised Texas gal. Mother of four wonderful boys. Proud Army wife. I love to engage in the world around me.

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  1. You know you making me want to do this too. But I agree with what you said.. I like to see how folks think.

  2. LOL I would have to do it at home… Im at work so Ima have to wait… But reading your stuff makes me wanna be brave too. LOL

  3. LOL jus wait…..


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