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Army Colonel’s Wife Kills 2 Children

I just read this on yahoo news that Julie Powers Schenecker, wife of an Army Colonel, killed her 2 children for being “mouthy”.  I was in complete disbelief upon reading this.  Apparently she shot her son, 13, in the head twice in her SUV taking him to soccer practice because he was talking back.  She then went home and parked the SUV in the garage, with the boy still in it, and shot her daughter,16, in the back of head and in the face.  The police found Schenecker in her backyard.  She admitted to killing her children because she was tired of them disrespecting her and being mouthy

TALK ABOUT SNAPPED! Her mother was concerned and called the police from Texas because Mrs Schenecker was complaining about the kids and was depressed.  This is sad.  I know that my children often get on my nerves but not to the point of killing them.  If ever I’m too angry I separate myself from the situation and go to my room and lock myself in until I calm down. Even when my husband deployed it never got that bad.  When they got on my nerves I would send them outside to play.  My boys still talk back but a quick pop to the lips remedies that.  (yes I said a pop to the lips.)  She could have dropped the son off at practice which I presume would have lasted at least an hour and went to Starbucks or walked around Wal-Mart to find her Zen.  The teenage years are troublesome but they pass as with all phases our children go through.  I believe that this was a totally premeditated act and selfish I might add.  This woman purchased the gun 5 days before the act.  She separated them, giving her a greater advantage, by taking her son to “soccer practice”.  The act of shooting her daughter in the face shows resentment and disgust.  I recently found out that the daughter had called the police on her mother for slapping her several times in the face.  She planned to shoot herself but didn’t go through with it.  I wonder what stopped her.  I reiterate that as military spouses we are afforded so many resources in dealing with deployments, money management, family issues and the like.  If she felt overwhelmed with these children she could have asked for help.  This was just flat-out selfish.  This is just tragic.  These children died at the hands of someone who was supposed to have loved them unconditionally.

I am in no way a reporter I just wanted to express my feelings about such a vile act against these children. 


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Born and raised Texas gal. Mother of four wonderful boys. Proud Army wife. I love to engage in the world around me.

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  1. proves my point that if you dont have the patience to raise children, you shouldnt have any. its that easy!!!

  2. Clearly she was seeking attention an now she has it,of course now here comes the plead insane bid! But yet u raise ur children to teenage stage an now u wanna snap!An if she would have started out at a early age with the (punch in the mouth) oops I mean (pop in the mouth) she wouldn’t have to worry about having her children disrespect her! An I strongly agree,you shouldn’t have children if you aren’t mentally prepared for who knows what,an that’s exactly why I don’t want any,but hell even I can explain why my children are missing their front teeth-but to take their life is beyond the instinct of being a mother-with that being said “OFF WITH HER HEAD”,an if people think two wrongs don’t make right,those children didn’t ask to be born!

  3. It sounds like she was dealing with something serious, not that that excuses her actions in any way. This proves why it is so important to get help for mental illness. I’m not saying “insanity”, no way, this woman knew what she was doing (It sounds like), but if she had reached out and gotten help with her feelings of being overwhelmed and depressed, 2 children would still be alive today. We, as a society, need to get rid of the stigma that comes with having a mental illness.

    • The original article didn’t state she suffered from depression or any other mental disease. All it did say was that her mother called the police from Texas. I presume that she expressed to her mother that she had had it with them disrespectful mouthy kids and she probably told her what she planned to do thus causing the mother to call the police but they were too late. This woman took the son to “practice” shot him and came home and then shot the daughter afterward sad on her back porch. Just like she called her mother to express that she was tired of them “mouthy” children she could have call the unit FRG or taken them to a Safe Place or better yet the Police Department. I know when my teenage son was giving me a hard time when my husband was deployed I took him to the police department and they were more than happy to straighten him out. I don’t think she suffered from a mental disease that she was being treated for because I’m sure they would have said that but I would be interested to find out. Concerning mental illnesses there is a stigma. I think Hollywood has helped protrayed mental disease in a negative light. Most people have no clue when they’re even sitting next to someone with a mental disease until they say something. We do have to educate our society better.

  4. I am still in complete disbelief about this incident. I mean I know sometimes our kids drive us crazy but it is not that serious!!! I mean if she could not deal with them she should have gave them away instead of shooting them in the head. What is going on in this world!! SMH

    • There were so many options this lady could have used. They were older children she could have left them alone for a few hours and had a spa day or called family. It’s just absurd what she did.


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