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Airman Receives 8 Years In HIV Exposure Case-My Rant

I read about this case last week on  David Gutierrez, a 43-year old Tech Sgt,  was sentenced to 8 years and dishonorably discharged for exposing multiple sex partners to HIV at swinger parties.  In the article they stated that Gutierrez was sobbing and said he was willing to spend more time in jail if he was allowed to keep his medical benefits.  When Gutierrez found out he had HIV he was ordered by his commander to tell partners that he was infected with HIV and to wear condoms.  He continued to deny he was HIV positive and his wife encouraged him to continue to take part in swinger events.

Now, I go on my rant.  What on earth was this fool thinking!  I know that this is not the first time that a this situation has occurred. I also know that there are people who engage in “swinging” and or “partner swapping“.  My personal thoughts on this are neither here nor there.  If you are going to take part in activities that are risky you have to take the proper precautions.  Who are these swingers or whatever, having sex with multiple people in a given time without protection.  That’s just stupid.  You have to assume that everyone has HIV in that type of setting.  HIV is not the only thing you would be exposing yourself to either.  Now-a-days you must have that mentality anyway with the undercover brothers and people having sex with anything that moves.  I also think that his doggone wife should go to jail also for encouraging this knucklehead to continue to take part in these events with her knowing he was infected.  That’s like if I knew someone was going to commit a crime and not say anything and help them plan and plot I would go to jail as an accomplice.  That’s why I say her tail should be locked up with her dangone husband.  He wasn’t sobbing because he played with other people’s lives with a very serious disease, no.  He was crying because he did not want to lose his medical benefits.  Just plain selfish.  He should have thought about that before he went around exposing people.  He knew he was wrong.  He was directed to tell the people AND wear condoms.  He disobeyed both.  I digress.  If you’re going to have sex, and you’re not in a monogamous relationship, please protect yourself.  Assume everyone has something.  I’m just saying!


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Born and raised Texas gal. Mother of four wonderful boys. Proud Army wife. I love to engage in the world around me.

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  1. This makes me sick! I agree with you, the wife should go to jail too!

    • IKR she’s just as responsible. This heffa went with him while he was infecting people and participated. What gets me is that they said in one of the articles that none of the partners tested positive. Don’t they know that the disease can lie dormant in your body for years. smh so sad.


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