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When I Was A Child We….

This was the show. Zoobilee Zoo


  I was sitting back reminiscing with my sister-in-law and husband AGAIN and we came up with the Top 100 things us 80s babies wore, watched and played.  Come on down memory lane with me.

1.Stacked 3 or more different color socks

2.Walking around with a boom box

3.Break Dancing

4. Pound puppies

5.Teddy Ruxpin

I loved these watches


7.Rainbow Brite

8.Punky Brewster

9.Zoobilee Zoo

10.Captain Kangaroo

11.Tucking your pants in your socks

12.Stonewash Jeans

13.Writing on your stonewash jeans

14.Reebok Pumps

15.Guess (with the Triangle logo)

16.Malcolm X hats

17.Wearing pacifiers around your neck

18.Mood rings

19.Slap band

20.Rat tails

21.The Gumby Haircut

22.Kangaroo shoes with the zipper pocket



24.USA 500s

25.Swatch Watch

26.British Knights shoes

27.Bobby brown shoes

28.Biker shorts


30.Biker shorts and skirt as one piece


32.LA Gears/Lights(it’s funny how Pastry’s look a lot like ’em.)

33.Michael Jackson LA Gears

34.Hammer Pants

35.Cross Colors


37.Banana clips

38.Teased ponytails

39.Big teased bangs

40.Tamagotchi pets

41.Calculator Watch

42.Walkman/Discman (this was our portable music)

The Walkman

43.Cuffs in your pants



46.Pro-kids shoes

47.Penny loafers

48.Adidas Sweatsuits with the Addidas shoes with no laces.  You had to know how to break dance to rock this look.  Thanks Run-DMC!

49.Speak and Spell

50.Lite Brite (I loved to project mine on the wall) 😀


52.My buddy/Kid sister

53.Original Cabbage patch

54. Garbage Pail Kids

55.Kango Hats

56.Tie Dye shirt and pants

57.Michael Jackson jacket

58.Matching jean jacket and pants

59.My Little Pony

60.Strawberry Shortcake

61.Pippy Long Stockings

62.Raggedy Ann and Andy



65.Playing Double dutch


67.Mother May I

68.Red Light, Green Light

69.Spin the bottle

70.Double Trouble


72.Double Dribble

73.Hungry Hungry Hippos

I wanted a pair of LA Gear's So bad.

74.The Game of Life

75.Dungeons and Dragons(the video game)

76.SOS and Tic-Tac-Toe

77.Red Rover


79.Starter Jackets

80.Members Only Jackets

81.Lacoste (When they were way affordable)

82.Suede Jackets

83.Cut off shorts

84.Holes in your jeans with the biker shorts underneath.

85.Wearing a knot in your T-Shirt

86.Wearing vests

87.Girls wearing ties and suspenders

88.The Dwayne Wayne shade/glasses combination

89.Polka Dots

90.Trapper Keepers

Everyone I knew had a Starter Jacket

91.Jean back packs

92.Fanny packs

93.Jerry Curl


95.Jumbo Pencils

96.Eating sugar and kool-aid out of a plastic bag

97.Jolly Rangers

98.Crinkling your hair

99.The High Top Fade

100.Hi-Tec Boots

OMG my cheeks are hurting.  Those were the days.  I hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with me. 😀

*Yes I was born in September ’79 so I can say I’m an ’80s baby.


About Natasha Evans

Born and raised Texas gal. Mother of four wonderful boys. Proud Army wife. I love to engage in the world around me.

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  1. lol, this takes you back, way back, back into time. but u forgot about red rover, freeze tag and eating ramen noodles out of the bag.

  2. Lmao-to include:Skip It (Toy), Nba jerseys wit the white T’s, Inspector Gadget, annnnnnnnnnnddddddd-“Damn Easy Bake Oven” lmao

  3. It’s amazing how things change … I still love trapper keepers

  4. Wut about watching them saturday cartoons and eating a bowl of your favorite cereal before you went outside to play

  5. Ok Natasha.. This is for you.. As I was saying.. Not sure my white ass knew about the gold chains… But I remember getting the LA gear shoes in hopes my legs would look as great as the chic in the commercials.. U remember the one getting off the bus? Lol… (epic fail btw..)

  6. Jellies!! I forgot about those, those were so fun! (i had about 5 pairs in different colors!) And Tamagotchi pets. Wow, haven’t thought about that stuff in years! I miss being a kid sometimes, especially when it comes time to pay the bills!

  7. LOL you forgot Hide and go get it…..

  8. Wowww Tasha you took me wayyy back lol!!! Thnx!!!! :-)!!!


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