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Virginia Is For Lovers…I’m moving!

I have fallen in love with Virginia! Admitting that this Texas gal has fallen in love with another state felt as if I was in an adulterous affair. How could this be? Texas is the ONLY place I wanna be, or so I thought.

My husband of 11 years is from Newport News, Virginia.  Throughout our marriage we both agreed that at the end of his military service we would retire in Texas. For most of his military career we’ve been stationed in Texas so retiring there seemed natural.  Whenever my husband would even mention visiting Virginia I would cringe and reluctantly go, if I went at all.   The only place he would want to visit was a small town where his mother lived…in the country…in the woods!  I’m a city girl, the country does not appeal to me at all.  For the longest I despised those visits.

A year ago, we were reassigned closer to his home.  I knew that since we were closer he would want to visit as often as he could.  After a few visits I finally demanded that he show us somewhere other than this small town or I was not going to go back with him.  He agreed.  Our first venture was to D.C. Words cannot express the excitement I felt.  I love history and politics so I was in heaven.  We took our boys to the Smithsonian and they had a blast, especially at the Air and Space Museum.  We walked through the National Mall and took several pictures. It was amazing.  We also went to Kings Dominion, an amusement park in Doswell.  My children are still talking about that visit.

Our last few trips we have gone to Hampton where my sister-in-law now resides and those visits were enough to steal my devout allegiance from the Great State of Texas.  I get excited every time we approach the underwater tunnels and see the ships and aircraft carriers.  The people we meet are genuinely nice.  There are lots of activities and events for everyone.  In October we toured Virginia Beach.  The weather was perfect.  I had not been to a beach since I was a little girl.  I stood in one spot listening to the waves as the tide rolled in and gazed out as far as I could in a trance.  It was such a peaceful setting.  My husband came out and held me bringing me back to reality.  He laughed and said, “its peaceful, huh?” I nodded in agreement as I noticed my legs buried in the sand up to my calves.  To top off all my visits we went to the Williamsburg Premium Outlets.  I have a black belt in shopping so this was the perfect place, the shopping experience was phenomenal.

There are several other sites to see in Virginia and I’m sure that we will get around to it now that we have decided it is where we will now retire.  You must visit this beautiful state if you haven’t.  I cannot guarantee that you will fall in love, but you will enjoy your stay.  I’ll ALWAYS be a Texas gal no matter where I live.  I’m just saying. 🙂


About Natasha Evans

Born and raised Texas gal. Mother of four wonderful boys. Proud Army wife. I love to engage in the world around me.

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  1. lol virginia cant be that good

  2. Virginia is awesome, and I’m so glad it had a positive impact on my family. I really don’t care for the traffic, but other then that-I Love Hampton Roads!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yea-Shopping Shopping Shopping!

  3. Lmao-an then I can drag u to all these free seminars,for everything,cooking,sewing-hell who cares tha shyts free an they give out gifts-lmao

  4. I’ve been there a few times (though not since high school) and I’ve really liked it. I didn’t know it was so close to D.C. I wonder if there’s an Army base there…


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