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Types of People That Should Be Deleted According to Their Facebook Status Updates

On November 2009 my sister and I sat down and decided to put together the Top 10 Facebook Status offenders.  It was a light-hearted attempt to make Facebook a better place for friends…while poking fun at them  lol  🙂  So here it is, enjoy:

This is all out of fun, I’ve called out myself too. We’ve all been guilty of at least a couple of these infractions. But seriously #1 and #2 gotta go 😀

1. The depressing people; this has got to stop!
Resolution: Focus on what you DO have and what IS happening and not what you don’t have or what’s not happening. Facebook is a happy place 🙂

2. People who use their status to call specific people out, but play it off as a general statement.
Resolution: Either tag the person you’re talking about or better yet, tell them to their face. The subliminal messages gotta go. Tackle your problema head on and move on..NEXT!

3. People who write novels. They should have NEVER extended that box!

Resolution: Keep it short and sweet people! This is not a bio.That’s what your profile “info” tab is for 😉 Or better yet, write a note.

4. People who use their status as a popularity contest. We’re already your friend no need to rally up support.
Resolution: Besides you’re probably depressing #1 even more.

5. People whose statuses look like this –>….
Resolution: Why say anything?

6. People who repost their status AT LEAST seven times due to a grammatical error.
Resolution: Proofread your status before you click submit. And if you don’t know how to spell something just ask Jeeves.

7. The Hopeless Romantic. This is a two parter.
For those in a relationship: Your partner is not that great (I’m not bitter :P)
For the single ones; this aint Myspace or E-Harmony!

8. People who ALWAYS attach a video to their status like it’s a trademark. You cannot standout or be special on Facebook!
Resolution: If people don’t’s not important. lol

9. People who use their status to have personal conversations.
Resolution: Take that mess to the wall!

10. People who use their status to take a poll… i.e. “Hey, facebook what do you think of this?”

I hope you all were able to laugh at yourself.
This was a collaboration by Natasha Evans and Whitney Ellis=SISTERS!


About Natasha Evans

Born and raised Texas gal. Mother of four wonderful boys. Proud Army wife. I love to engage in the world around me.

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  1. This was hilarious!!! I’ve been guilty of so many, but esp #3!!

  2. i like it!! its sooo true!!!

  3. Some people need to express some of there downs – just to get it out- you know sometimes you just have to say it to deal with it – ya know 🙂

  4. This list could go on forever! Good Job-You left out the holyrollers! 🙂


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