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Skullcandy headphones are, in my opinion, a must have.  Skullcandy are appealing to the eyes.  They come in so many colors.  If I could I’d have a different pair for every outfit, but that would be crazy.  😉 Seriously, these make for great headphones because while you are enjoying your music, or whatever you’re listening to, everyone surrounding you doesn’t have to hear it too.  I have had these things on full blast and no one knew they were even on.  They have a mic on them so it’s nice when using them with your mobile phone for taking phone calls.   I keep them in my purse so if I’m waiting somewhere I pop them in my baby boy’s ears so he can play his games or listen to music without disturbing others.  I like the in ear headphones but they have them as over the ear and on the ear as well.  I’m scoping out a pair of Longhorn now.  Stop by their site and check ’em out

Skullcandy does not endorse my page.  Just sharing.


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Born and raised Texas gal. Mother of four wonderful boys. Proud Army wife. I love to engage in the world around me.

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  2. Thanks-now I have to buy a pair-lol

  3. yeah, they are dope. i got like 3 in-ear ones and 2 over the ear ones.


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