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The Dilemma…What Would You Do?

If you saw a friends’ significant other having an inappropriate relationship with someone else would you tell them?  Would you confront the significant other?  What would you do about it?  Vince Vaughn‘s most recent film entitled “The Dilemma” posed these same questions.  Vaughn’s character  trying to find right timing to tell his friend that his wife was having an affair.

I ask this because I found myself in a similar situation.  Someone I was good friends with had visitors at their home and I felt that one of the ladies was acting inappropriately by flirting with her husband.  Every time my friends’ attention was preoccupied she would say and do things that a person shouldn’t do with another persons mate.  Well I told her that I felt what I saw was wrong.  She confronted the woman and it was decided among them that it wasn’t like that and that I was wrong for saying anything.  Ultimately, she stopped speaking to me, is still friends with the other lady.  So, I say keep your mouth shut and mind your own business.  Even with the best intentions at heart it will not be appreciated that way.  When you get into people’s relationships it is a sticky subject and you’ll probably walk away looking like the bad guy.  I’m just saying!


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  1. I agree with you. I’d want to tell the person, but I know I’d end up tbeing accused of “starting drama”

  2. I agree with you for saying something – and then I agree with the keep ur mouth shut — but think about this – if the other girl felt the way you felt she would be mad you didn’t say anything so its a sticky situation — but I agree just be quiet but observant and note it for the next time it happens – ya.digg

  3. Next time just worry about ur own backyard-lmao, a real friend would have taken the advice an investigated the issue for herself an regardless if it was true or not-your name wouldn’t have been mentioned when she confronted the both of them,its called “Respect of Friendship”Sometimes when your standing on the sideline you tend to see a lot more then when your playing in the game-As a friend,you did the right thing-Life lesson for you,learn the difference between a real friend an a acquaintance!

    • Latanya I appreciate your comment. I see it differently now and yes that was someone that was only meant to be an acquaintance if that. While I was being a true friend I recently found out that everything I was telling her, thinking it was between the two of us she was running telling everyone else that would listen to her. I now see that she likes drama and she instigates it and then sits back as it unfolds and acts like she doesn’t know “why” it’s happening. Oh well you live and you learn right?!?!

  4. We’ll see what happens in the movie, “Dilemma!” Personally, I would appreciate a friend who cared enough to say something. No one would be so bold, if they didn’t genuinely care about the other’s well being. I’m actually curious to see how the movie turns out. I’m reminded of what happened to Ashton Kutcher in “Valentines Day.” Everyone around him knew that girl wasn’t right for him, but didn’t say anything and let him find out the hard way. Maybe that’s what is best…

  5. I would say something, even if it ends up blowing up in my face I know that what I did was the right thing and the rest is up to them. So if that person didn’t want to continue my friendship then that wasn’t a true friend. My moto, treat people how I’d want to be treated. I’d want my friend to tell me, if it was the other way around even if he or she might be wrong. I’d appreciate they’re concern.

    • Exactly!!! Girl they called me jealous and accused me of trying to break up their marriage. None of which were true. I say I’m a grown ass woman and if you’re not paying my bills or sleep with me, then you can get the hell on. lmbo. They even started to stalk my blog with their childishness. It’s sad. I would want someone to say something to me and so that why I said it. Ultimately the ex-friend showed her true colors in the end.


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