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Is sexting grounds for divorce?

I bring up this topic because of the divorce between Tony Parker and Eva Longoria.  He was accused of sexting another player’s wife or ex-wife.  The details are neither here nor there as I’m not in their relationship to say what actually happened.  IF sexting was the offense, I’m not sure if it warrants divorcing.  Couples today experience a lot of adversity today and I don’t believe that you should give up quickly on your relationship.  I’m a firm believer that marriage is work and that you should not allow ANYONE to come in and try to tear down what you have built or are building together.  You have to fight hard to stay together.  Problems arise when you withhold those inner most desires and emotions from your partner out of fear that they wouldn’t understand or not be willing to meet your “kinky” little fantasies.  You have to be able to be comfortable enough to trust your partner with all of you, even the parts of you that you try to hide from the rest of us.  You’d be surprised that they’re thinking and feeling the same way.  I have known several people who feel adultery is the death to all marriage while I’ve known others that fought past that to go on to have the best relationship and are happier than before.  If you’ve vowed to be with one another “til death do us part” as least give it ALL of your blood, sweat and tears to make it work.  I’m not saying Eva and Tony didn’t but if “sexting” was the offense then that could have been fixed.  I’M JUST SAYING.


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  1. I’m a jealous person (a fault, I know, but at least I admit it) so if my husband were sexting someone other than me, I’d kick his butt, then drag him to marriage counseling. I think that qualifies as cheating, but I know, personally, that I’d want to do everything in my power to get past that. I’m also a believer in “till death do us part” and I think that a couple shouldn’t just give up when there’s a little bump. Life is full of bumps, you can’t just give up!


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