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Are y’all ready?!?!

Today I decided to start a blog.  I’m always giving my advice to others, and my opinions on a wide range of topics from current events to music to fashion.  That’s what inspired my sister-in-law and I to come up with the title “tangled”.  Hoping to bring a variety of topics together into one.  My purpose for this blog is to cover a wide range of topics that I’m passionate about.  I want people to interact with me and I want to interact with all of you.  Feel free to give me suggestions on what you would like to see or discuss.  I’m open to anything.  I want this to be a fun blog.   I do not want to see violent comments towards others or myself.  Alright now, LET’S GET TANGLED!!!


About Natasha Evans

Born and raised Texas gal. Mother of four wonderful boys. Proud Army wife. I love to engage in the world around me.

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