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For those of you that REALLY know me you know that I have a handbag fetish.   I have recently been able to purchase a few items from Coach and I am now addicted.  I’m so addicted to Coach that I stalk their page weekly for new items.  I save my favorite bags that I’ve scoped out in my phone just in case I was to come across some money to just stop in at the store.  It’s so bad I feel like Coach is my own personal store and they make stuff just for me and that the sale associates are my friends.  rotfl.  Not really.

Currently I am carrying a large leather hobo from their Kristin Collection in the silver/blue mist color. (click above photo for details on the coach site) I have fallen head over heels for this bag.  The leather is so soft and it doesn’t have that pungent leather smell. It’s large enough for the small purse that I carry in my purse.  Yes, I carry another purse in my purse for toiletries, I have four boys for Petes sake.  It has a wide shoulder strap for comfort or a detachable long strap if you want to wear it across your body, which I love to do.  To my knowledge, I think that there is a lifetime warranty on their bags although I cannot be say that with certainty.  I think they are a good company and personally I think I need to purchase some of their stock since I like them so much.  Gotta see how much it is per share.  Coach does not in any way endorse my page.  Just sharing my love. 🙂


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Born and raised Texas gal. Mother of four wonderful boys. Proud Army wife. I love to engage in the world around me.

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  1. I knew we were meant to be friends!! I love purses too!!! My favorite is Kate Spade!

    • LIN NICE TO SEE YOU!!! Thank you for coming by AND commenting. You know I’m going to have to check out the Kate Spade line of handbags too. I can’t buy coach purses often because of the price. It is an indulgence that my husband allows ONLY for a few times a year. I also like Guess handbags. They have a lot of unique bags that turn heads and draw attention. 🙂



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